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For Body Essential Oils Series-2 (15ml)

For Body Essential Oils Series-2 (15ml)

For Body Essential Oils Series-2 (15ml)

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100% pure natural plant essential oil:Jojoba Oil.Olive Oil, Lavender, Black Pepper, Cypress. This product has no additional flavouring, preservatives, lead, mercury or heavy metal.


Improves blood circulation and releases wind and bloatedness accumulated in the body. The heat sensation helps to release excess fat from stubborn area leaving skin feeling firm and moisturised.


  1. Only use on body parts;
  2. Apply directly to the skin and gently massage until it is completely absorbed;
  3. Apply daily, 10 - 25 drops or 2 - 3 ml at target area, 10 - 15 ml each time on body. Do not use more than 25 ml. Best to use it before going to bed every night;
  4. After each use of essential oil, drink a cup of warm water.


  1. For external use only, not for use in venous areas.
  2. Not suitable for pregnant women, children, individuals with sensitive skin, epilepsy patients.
IMPORTANT : Drink a glass of warm water each time after using the essential oil.


Sealed / stored at room temperature / in areas protected from light / keep it away from children.

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