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Company Background

Lynn WU is Lynn’s wellness founder, also the founder for lynn’s wellness "Essence series products" brand founder, and at the same time is the product formulation development of the main technical personnel.

  • Technical director of Lynn’s wellness "essence series products";
  • Senior education consultant (university of international business and economics -- China);
  • Senior aroma physiotherapist (UK Pearson)
  • Senior painless micro plastic surgeon (once served as deputy secretary-general of China body shaping committee)
  • TCM senior professional physical therapist (Singapore Academy of traditional Chinese medicine);
  • Obtained WSQ certification of Singapore labor department: advanced training and appraiser qualification.

Lynn Wu has more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of natural health care and health care. Due to the fierce competition in today's society, there are more and more sub-health populations caused by various reasons, which is a serious threat to the health of human society. In the face of many complicated cases, it is impossible to treat a single disease many times.

Based on the current situation of the society and the comprehensive knowledge of traditional Chinese and western medicine, Lynn has successfully cured a lot of severe insomnia and constipation caused by headaches, dizziness, flatulence and other symptoms of white-collar workers, and helped a lot of sub-healthy people to lead a healthy life.
Found The Disease

However, in 2009, Lynn encountered the biggest changes in her life. Like many white-collar workers, Lynn suffered from severe immune function decline due to strong work pressure, unreasonable diet structure, and unhealthy living conditions and unfortunately suffer cancer in 2009.
In The Fight against Cancer

In the process of cancer treatment, the body function can not withstand the invasion of chemotherapy drugs that is highly toxic, which leads to complications of liver failure. Until the hospital issued a critical notice, which makes the moment of life approaching the critical point of death. Such painful changes have made Lynn more determined to set the most extreme goal of her future life -- to let life return to nature.

In the fight against the disease, Lynn holding the respect for life, and to the family and social responsibility, put down everything, devoting herself: in the field of health care, natural health, in the long process of self-health care gradually restored to health, Lynn never fear any innovative natural therapies, and insist on your own body as the innovation of natural therapy experiment, and get further research: why people get sick? In what state are you most vulnerable? How to live a healthy life? And the order of healthy eating? Direct data and personal experience that is closely related to a healthy life.

Through several years of research, she had worked hard to learn various professional knowledge and participated in clinical trials with my own body and other practical experience, and organically combined the relevant knowledge of medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, western aromatherapy, magnetic field, natural science and so on.
Finally: Conquer Disease

Not only did she save her own life, but she also created Lynn's Wellness.

Facing the situation that various chemicals permeate the whole cosmetics market, in order to benefit more people, it took another four years to develop: pure natural essence skincare products series. This series of products have obtained the HSA certification of Singapore in 2018 and 2019 respectively: sales qualification for large shelf; In January 2020, the quality of a series of products has been approved by the testing institution of HSA-ALS: testing report without preservatives, additives and microorganisms, and the testing report have been approved by ten countries in ASEAN at the same time.

To help more people to get rid of the pain of the medical beauty and sequelae, Lynn original in 2017: the painless unarmed + mind wake therapy of pure natural cosmetic, let more beautiful people meet the love of beauty in mind at the same time, gradually eliminate traces of aging, in choosing to use healthy after essence skincare products, effectively delay aging and maintain a good state, confident and beautiful; Therefore, to improve the cognition of healthy life, so as to ensure the improvement of the quality of life, we should start from the correct order and attitude of life every day, further improve the self-organization and self-rehabilitation ability of human beings, and finally return life to nature.
Projects currently operated by the company

First, painless micro plastic surgery:

Through professional techniques, adjust your facial features, so that the features more three-dimensional, delicate, soft; And at the same time through professional massage techniques, the human body qi and blood to the head, promote blood circulation in the brain, in the increase of memory, improve the quality of sleep at the same time, and help wake up the face of the sleeping cells, promote metabolism, so that the white from the inside out, so that your appearance back to the young state, find your original glory and charm.

After cosmetic treatment or micro-facelift, the effect will be more lasting and perfect if you use the pure natural essence series of skin care products developed by our company.

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