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About Us

Lynns Wellness is a health institutions that based on health care and health beauty as the theme of pure natural. The company has been engaged in the health industry for more than 15 years, with rich professional health knowledge and clinical practice experience. We supply 100% pure plant essential oil. The main components of essential oil series skin care products is the essence extracted from edible spices plants or flowers. By using nanotechnology and fully exerting the synergistic effect of essential oil, it is formulated to enable molecular structure to be fully compatible, achieves complete water solubility and is evenly distributed in the molecular structure of each product to make it more effective.

At present, the company has: senior expert consultants in the field of life science, and professional product research and development team, professional nursing technology team and professional technical training team.

Corporate health theme
Emptying the mind -- let the life return to nature

Health and beauty theme
Awaken the sleeping cells, whitening from the inside out

Business philosophy
Everything is based on the combination of natural conditions and natural substances, and on the omni-directional conditioning of body, mind and spirit

Enable molecular structure to be fully compatible and is evenly distributed in the molecular structure of each product to make it more effective.
2014 - 2015

The company began to invest in product research and development in 2014, and Lynns Wellness has completed the trademark registration of the product in 2015. All products on the shelf are registered as trademarks.
2018 - 2020

The company's pure natural "essence skin care series" has been set up in Far East Plaza, Singapore since 2018, with remarkable effect, and has been well received by tourists and consumers both at home and abroad. And is currently operating the painless unarmed cosmetology whitening micro plastic project, make a lot of beautiful people from risks of medical beauty, in do not make any drugs, instrument, not a needle knife, that only through professional and technical skill, let oneself in the relaxed and enjoy the process, to achieve: the appearance change, radiant, find young state.

Among them: the self-developed natural essence skincare series products have all finished their technical formulations in Singapore, and have obtained the HSA certification of Singapore in 2018 and 2019 respectively: sales qualification for large shelves; In January 2020, the quality of a series of products HSA been approved by the testing institution of HSA-ALS: testing report without preservatives, additives and microorganisms, and the testing report HSA been approved by ten countries in ASEAN at the same time.
Lynns Wellness will lead people in the health at the same time let themselves healthier, more beautiful. Pure natural health, health and beauty is the future market development trend.

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